St Regis Culvert
Snow Plow & Grader Blades and Cutting Edges

St. Regis Culvert has partnered with Valley Blades Limited to provide snowplow and grader blades built in a wide variety of profiles and steel thicknesses.  These durable, high-quality blades come in standard high carbon or special heat treated materials.

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St Regis Culvert – Durable Cutting Edges

St. Regis Culvert can also furnish 7/8″ or 3/4″ carbide insert blades, Heavy Duty Scarifier Carbit Systems, wear parts, curb runners and OEM equipment cutting edges.

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Rotating Tooth Blade Flyer

Carbide Tipped Grader Blades

Carbide Tipped Snow Blades


Vallite Highwear Wing Blades

St. Regis Culvert’s Vallite Highwear Wing Blades are manufactured from castings containing a high content of nickel alloy.  This combined with a VALLITE wear blades to achieve maximum hardness give these blades longer wearing properties than normal cast iron products and standard steel blades.

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Vallite High Wear Wing Blade Specification

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